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26 Jan 2012 - about the link to Noblesse Bretonne:

I have a few interesting French links that might be of interest in a separate French section. Another thing to bear in mind in relation to the French branch is that there is an alternative spelling without the final e. They are most numerous in the neighbouring departement of Cotes d'Armor. They have not been researched in detail by Yvette Roussin, but there are some indications that at least some of them are related.

This is a site that is managed by the historians and genealogists of the group 'Noblesse Bretonne', which has been using your approach of trying to get all the data in one place. You can select the language of the pages using the flags - but the language of the data remains French.

There are only a few du Ros in there - and one of the historians thinks the mariage with du Cambout is wrong. It isn't in Yvette's study.

You can list by surname and once you have selected an individual you can list all their descendants or ancestors. Catherine de Quilbignon (Jean du Ros wife) is very well documented.

You can show cousins - which would have made my working out of her relationship to Jean du Quelennec much easier. Or you can pin point another individual in relationship calculation and see if there is a link.

There are lots of links between her and Henry Tudor. But I thought it should be closer - if you expand the cousins to show the de Coetivy family, there is a much closer link an Olivier who married a de Valois. Henry's grandmother was her aunt.

I haven't circulated this before because Catherine's ancestors go back a long way... Oddly the first king is of England.

Wherever I have checked the information on the internet it seems to check out.

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